Product testing and reviews - offered directly by customers

You are a seller or a manufacturer and have a new product which needs its first sales as well as honest and meaningful reviews? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Or you're looking for the first customers for your new shop, to get some feedback for your store?

And you're willing to provide free product samples for testing, without any further costs? Then could be able to help you.

We are an informal collaboration of customers, who like to make a good deal. Don't pay for marketing agencies or deal websites, contact customers like us directly. We are also used to buy from foreign countries, especially from China over Aliexpress or eBay and other sites. We're doing this as a hobby, this website is only a starting point for you. As we found the right member for the product you can contact this person directly if you like.

we buy products from China on aliexpress, ebay or amazon like these packages and post reviews and ratings

Currently our group has mostly members from Europe, predominantly from Germany.

Most of our members have a background in technology, so we're specialized in products like electronics in general but especially DIY electronics and measuring equipment, automotive tools, computer hardware and so on.

Of course adding at least one meaningful picture of the product is included in the reviews, if not agreed otherwise. In case the product is suited for this, short video reviews are also possible on platforms that support these.

If you're interested just write us an email: We're also happy to answer your questions.

We don't do paid ratings. Also we can't test health supplements or cosmetics unfortunately. High discounts instead of free samples are only possible in cases where the item is valuable and useful.

Other offers:

We have a specialized program for testing 3D printer filament. If you want to provide one of our members a free sample of the filament (500g or 1kg) you get the usual review as we offer for the other products. If you provide two spools or more than 1kg of filament, our members will print a sample Benchy or a nice looking vase and post a nice picture of it with the review. Testing resin for SLA printers is also possible. 

3d printer filament we do reviews test prints and ratings

We can also offer YouTube reviews from small YouTube accounts. If you don't want to pay large amounts of money to influencers, but want people who do research on your product to be able to find a video review in their mother tongue, this might be something to consider for you.

Also contact us for publishing high discounts on social media.

Sometimes we also help sellers with native translations of the product description, to make your product listing look more reputable.

Product testing and reviews only. Please don't contact us with unsolicited business offers.

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